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  • Flexible part-time, full-time, and seasonal positions available

  • Above minimum wage pay

  • Discounted training and development opportunities

  • Invoicing and payroll services

  • Comprehensive insurance coverage

  • Invitations to monthly Match Meetups at various locations around the city

  • Ongoing membership in the ENABLE community

Specialized training modules

  • Heart & Stroke Foundation CPR, AED Level C training (full certification and recertification)
  • ENABLE training modules
    • Communication**coming soon**
    • Personal care and hygiene**coming soon**
    • Behaviour management**coming soon**
    • Crisis Prevention**coming soon**

To apply, each support worker must complete the Support Worker Application Form.

Looking to apply at a later date? You can download the forms and come back to them later.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply?2021-08-17T23:35:44+00:00

To apply, you must complete our application form here.

In the application, we will require a copy of (or proof that you have applied for) your Police Information Check with Vulnerable Sector Search and CPR certification before you can be matched! We will also ask for an updated resume or CV.

How long does it take to be matched with a client?2018-10-04T19:16:29+00:00

Usually, the longest period of waiting is waiting for your Police Information Check to return once you have applied for it! The form can sometimes be returned as early as 2 weeks but can take as long as 4 weeks, so apply early!

Once all of your documentation is submitted and if you are flexible with open availability, you usually can get started pretty fast! If you have limited availability or live far from where the families currently looking for support live, it can take more time.

Do I have to drive?2018-10-04T19:17:16+00:00

Many families prefer that their support worker owns a reliable vehicle and can drive the client to and from activities.

However, not all families require that the worker has a car. The family or Access Calgary can transport client to and from activities. In some cases, the support worker can take transit with the client!

For those support workers who agree to transport clients in their personal vehicles, it is mandatory that the support worker organizes proper coverage for their and the client’s protection.

What are the hours like? Is it flexible?2018-10-04T19:17:57+00:00

Each client has different support needs. They can be looking for as little as 6 hours/week all the way up to 45 hours/week. Some families are looking for before/after school care and even overnight respite! You can work with one or even two and three families if you would like.

The flexibility of this job depends on you and the client you are working with. Sometimes families prefer that the support worker works the same hours each week while other families might send a text when they need a shift covered. We always recommend that you book your next shift with your client before the end of your current shift.

For the best results, let us know in your application how many hours/day, week, or month you are available, which days of the week/month, and the time ranges you are available.

We understand that things can change, but we ask that you inform us as well as the family and the client you are working with about the changes in your availability as soon as you know.

Do I need experience to apply?2018-10-04T19:18:28+00:00

No, you don’t need experience to become a support worker with ENABLE. Some clients are looking for support in life skills or are looking primarily for a friend. Other families have more specific needs but are happy to train their support worker!

There are also clients that have higher behavioural, medical, or personal care needs. The families of these clients are looking for support workers with experience in the healthcare space.

Will I get paid?2018-10-04T19:20:28+00:00

YES! Support worker positions with ENABLE are paid!

The rate of pay depends on the level of funding that the family gets as well as how much experience the support worker has. You will be informed of the hourly wage before you start working.

You will record your hours worked, start and end times of your shift, and the activities you attended on the ENABLE payroll invoice. Each support worker receives pay on a monthly basis.

What does a support worker do?2018-10-04T19:21:13+00:00

ENABLE Support workers are like big-brothers, big-sisters, or friends to their clients! They provide guidance, encouragement, and companionship to a client who has a disability.

You will support your client in social activities like sports and games or on outings to the Zoo and TELUS Spark. You might be asked to provide wellness and personal care to your client, including assistance with morning/night routine, changing for the pool, or toileting.

Support workers are also great advocates for their clients! They support their client in developing life skills like reading/writing, cooking, and learning how to order or pay for items.

What is ENABLE?2019-02-19T17:45:32+00:00

Enable matches children and young adults with disabilities to support workers. We base our matches on:

  • YOUR INTERESTS (love swimming? Trampolining? – Great, your match does, too!)
  • YOUR SCHEDULE (want to work as much as possible? Only available Wednesday evenings? -No problem!
  • YOUR LOCATION (short commutes are the best!)

This means you get to hang out with a really cool client while getting paid to do the things you love with, working the hours you want, and gaining valuable experience.

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