• Personalized matches to a support worker who is looking to work with a family longer-term

  • Easily hire a support worker for residential respite and community development aid work

  • Support workers with cleared background checks and CPR certifications

  • Invoicing and payroll services

  • Invitations to monthly Match Meetups at various locations around the city

  • Ongoing membership in the ENABLE community

What is included in the service fee? 

  • Ongoing membership in the ENABLE community
  • Comprehensive insurance coverage
  • Invoicing and payroll services
  • Discounted training and development opportunities
  • Invitations to monthly Match Meetups at various locations around the city
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Frequently Asked Questions

How does ENABLE work?2018-10-04T19:25:03+00:00

ENABLE matches children, youth, and young adults with disabilities to support workers. We base our matches on:

  • SHARED INTEREST: Does your child love swimming? Trampolining? – That is great because his or her match does, too!;
  • YOUR SCHEDULE: Need support during the day? Only need support on Wednesday evenings? – No problem; and
  • YOUR LOCATION: Short commutes are the best! This means that your child gets to hang out with a really cool support worker and gets to do the things he or she loves.


What does a support worker do?2018-10-04T19:28:24+00:00

ENABLE Support Workers are like big-brothers, big-sisters, or friends to their clients! They provide guidance, encouragement, and companionship to a client who has a disability. They support your child in social activities like sports or games or outings to the Zoo or TELUS Spark, for example. Depending on your child’s care needs, the support workers can provide wellness and personal care, including assistance with morning/night routine or toileting. Support workers are also positioned to be great advocates for their clients! Support workers are also great at helping clients develop life skills like reading or writing, cooking, and learning how to order or pay for items. In some cases, support workers can also provide overnight support for their clients.

What qualifications do ENABLE support workers have?2018-10-04T19:28:58+00:00

Each ENABLE support worker completed a cleared Police Information Check with Vulnerable Sector Search obtained within the 6 months previous to application date and completed on an annual basis. He or she must also hold a valid CPR certification. Each support worker has provided ENABLE with an updated resume or CV, which is forwarded to families to review during the matching process.

Many of our support workers are post-­‐secondary students completing their degree or diploma program or are young professionals who recently completed education such as healthcare aide, child care, licensed practical nurses, for example. While many ENABLE support workers have previous childcare or disability support experience, some of our support workers are new to this role. This provides clients and families with a great opportunity to facilitate their learning and how to best care for their child.

What are the fees? How does payment work?2019-02-19T17:53:45+00:00

All payments are made through our easy-­‐to-­‐use online payment platform. ENABLE does not currently direct bill FSCD or PDD (we are working on it, though!). Depending on the position and the amount of experience required, ENABLE will negotiate the rate of  pay directly with the family. Often, ENABLE accepts the rate of pay allocated in your government contract through FSCD or PDD (as long as it is above minimum wage at $15/hour). Funds can also be paid fully or topped-­‐up by families out-­‐of-­‐pocket.

Support workers should be informed of their hourly wage before they start working. Support workers will record their hours worked, the start and end times of their shift, and the activities attended on their monthly ENABLE payroll invoice. Families will receive their ENABLE invoice by email at the beginning of each month. All payments must be made within one week of receiving the invoice.

To best serve you, ENABLE charges a transaction fee of 15% of the support worker’s wage, to be added on top of the wage. This service fee covers finder’s fees, invoicing and payroll, managing our platform, support, and training for support workers, and for ongoing membership in the growing Enable community.

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Can ENABLE support workers drive clients to and from activities?2018-10-04T19:30:31+00:00

Many families prefer that their support worker owns a reliable vehicle and can drive with the client to and from activities. In other cases, families drive the client to meet the support worker or the client takes Access Calgary to the specified activity.

For those support workers who agree to transport clients in their personal vehicles, it is mandatory that the family assists the support worker in organizing proper vehicle insurance coverage to ensure safety for all.


How long does it take to be matched?2018-10-04T19:30:56+00:00

Once our team receives a family’s registration, we do our best to find a support worker as soon as possible. Families that specify more flexible support worker positions or that are more centrally-­‐located are more likely to find a match quicker; however, families with more specific criteria or training needs might take longer to be matched. In either case, we do our best to make matches efficiently.

How do I register?2021-08-17T23:42:41+00:00

To apply, you must complete our registration form here. In the application, we will ask you for the name of the client, his or her primary contact’s information, the accessibility and personal care needs that the client has, and the needed schedule (can be specific or flexible).

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