Each client has different support needs. They can be looking for as little as 6 hours/week all the way up to 45 hours/week. Some families are looking for before/after school care and even overnight respite! You can work with one or even two and three families if you would like.

The flexibility of this job depends on you and the client you are working with. Sometimes families prefer that the support worker works the same hours each week while other families might send a text when they need a shift covered. We always recommend that you book your next shift with your client before the end of your current shift.

For the best results, let us know in your application how many hours/day, week, or month you are available, which days of the week/month, and the time ranges you are available.

We understand that things can change, but we ask that you inform us as well as the family and the client you are working with about the changes in your availability as soon as you know.