All payments are made through our easy-­‐to-­‐use online payment platform. ENABLE does not currently direct bill FSCD or PDD (we are working on it, though!). Depending on the position and the amount of experience required, ENABLE will negotiate the rate of  pay directly with the family. Often, ENABLE accepts the rate of pay allocated in your government contract through FSCD or PDD (as long as it is above minimum wage at $15/hour). Funds can also be paid fully or topped-­‐up by families out-­‐of-­‐pocket.

Support workers should be informed of their hourly wage before they start working. Support workers will record their hours worked, the start and end times of their shift, and the activities attended on their monthly ENABLE payroll invoice. Families will receive their ENABLE invoice by email at the beginning of each month. All payments must be made within one week of receiving the invoice.

To best serve you, ENABLE charges a transaction fee of 15% of the support worker’s wage, to be added on top of the wage. This service fee covers finder’s fees, invoicing and payroll, managing our platform, support, and training for support workers, and for ongoing membership in the growing Enable community.

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